White Collar Boxing Build Up

boxing-build-upFollowing on from the success of the 2013 White Collar Boxing Fight Night fundraiser the St. Patrick’s Festival WA committee have teamed up with White Collar Boxing Western Australia (WCBWA), to bring you another action packed night of entertainment.

Our fighters have endured a gruelling eight week training schedule, where they have been exposed to the sport of boxing for the first time. The St.Patricks Day WA Fighters have been professionally matched according to weight and ability, ensuring competitive bouts. To ensure the safety of the fighters, they will wear protective headgear and 16 ounce gloves, as the goal of the event is to highlight their new skills and fitness rather than their knockout power!

The White Collar Boxing Fight Night is one of the main fundraising events for the St. Patrick’s Festival WA. St. Patrick’s Festival WA would like to thank Donna, Darren and Brendan at Ringside Boxing for going above and beyond the partnership with St.Patricks Festival WA. A special mention goes to Gillian Forde, our fantastic organiser, who has brought this event together over the last 2 years.

Special Guest – Dennis “Hurricane” Hogan

denis-hoganDennis “Hurricane” Hogan is originally from Kildare Ireland. Dennis moved to Australia in 2011 to fulfill a dream of becoming a professional, as opportunities in Ireland are very limited.

Dennis is undefeated after 17 pro fights and became Australian middleweight champion in November last year. He made his first title defence over in Perth 4 weeks after winning, and the response over here was truly unbelivable. So, when he was asked to be part of the fundraiser to the St Patrick’s Day Festival he jumped at the chance as a way to say thanks to the great support from the green army in Perth.

Thank you to Taste 32 for bringing Dennis over from Brisbane of our event.

Tickets selling fast – grab them before they sell out!


St. Patrick’s Festival WA Sponsors

Thank you to our gold sponsors Monford construction group and check out our silver sponsors SPML and Killarney Autos who have decided to throw fighters into the ring and see if you recognise any faces.
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Killarney Autos – Neil Lenihan

Neil-LenihanFighting out of the BLUE corner…..

Neil ‘The Killer from Killarney’ Lenihan

Weighing in at 75kg this Irishman is ready to show his opponent what a broken head gasket really looks like & spill his oil all over the canvas.

For the Best Service in town – ring Killarney Autos.

SPML – Lesley-Anne Furness

Lesley-AnneLesley-Anne ‘The Blazing’ Furness.
Fighting out of the RED corner………

Lesley-Anne ‘The Blazing’ Furness.

Some say – she is too hot to handle. Will her opponent melt at the speed & punching power of our Firery Fighter……

GAA Fighters

Last years representations from the GAA were all female, this year the boys are back in town.

John Hogan – St Gabriels Hurling

John-hoganFighting out of the BLUE corner…

John ‘The Bear’ Hogan

All the way from Ireland & quietly confident, this fighter is planning on crushing his opponent into submission with his new boxing talents.

Not called – The Bear for nothing…. straight out of hibernation & angry as an Irishman with no Magners.

Martin King – St Gabriels Hurling

martin-kingFighting out of the RED corner…

Martin ‘The’ King

With fancy footwork like this, no wonder he is King of the Boxing Ring. Always smiling he plans on keeping up that smile as he watches his opponent hit the canvas.

Weighing in at 110kg & packing a power left hook, this man plans on keeping his reign & his people entertained.

Tony McVeigh – St Finbarrs GAA

Tony-McVeighFighting out of the BLUE corner….

Tony ‘Big Country’ McVeigh

from Galbally in Nth Ireland.

Representing the finest football club in WA – St Finbarrs.

His View on his opponent –“This Boxer is only doing what is expected from him – Bleeding from the nose”.

Words From Donna Martin at Ringside Boxing

The fighters attitudes have definitely changed in the last week – most have just realized that this is for real & get down to some serious training. Nerves have kicked in now & they are starting to concentrate more on what the trainers are teaching them.

Skills have developed very well, with a change week to week from being non-fighters to being able to put on a professional show on Friday (as long as the nerves don’t get them).

The fighters who have done the minimum 2 fitness classes & 1 hour of technical, we can see their skills have improved greatly & they will be at their peak for fitness on Friday.

A few fighters have missed some training & not taken it as seriously as most, so we will see how that pans out on stage. All trainers are very proud of their progress & have seen some great skills show through & are looking forward to Fight Night on Friday!

A Big Thank You To All Our WCB Sponsors