The St Patricks Day Parade and Family Event, 2013

The St Patricks Day Parade and Celebrations concept was initiated by a group of experienced professionals from within the “Irish Families in Perth” and the general Irish community in Perth. It is proposed to revive the event that was once held in Fremantle over 5 years ago by bringing it to fruition.

The focus of the event is:

  1. To develop and organise a multicultural parade and a family focused event surrounding the 2013 Parade
  2. Recreate a fantastic parade atmosphere that will gain both national and international recognition
  3. Provide all the various cultural groups with an opportunity to showcase their heritage on a day that is known world-wide as a celebration of the Irish both in Ireland and abroad.

The “Irish Families in Perth” is a voluntary, non-profit organisation, web based organisation that provides Irish emigrants with advice on how to best assimilate into the Western Australian culture and lifestyle. We communicate with our subscribers through a social media where topics such as housing, jobs, visa enquiries and social events are covered. It is a vibrant, active forum that provides a wealth of knowledge to young families and single individuals emigrating to Western Australia.

The recent influx of Irish emigrants this has led to substantial growth of those linking into the web. We have recorded approximately 2,000 Irish families linking in with “Irish Families in Perth” within the last 12 months. In the 2006 census 1.8 million Australians claimed Irish decent and 60,000 Irish people permanently living in Australia. Recent census statistic from 2011, account for 12,636 Irish born living in the greater Perth area and 67,316 living in W.A. There are also 187,039 people claiming one parent was born in Ireland.