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White Collar Boxing Charity Fight Night Registration Day

10.00am for Registration, Measurements, Induction, etc.
11.00am for Introductory Boxing Class

Bring water bottle and towel, as well as hand wraps and bag gloves.

If you don’t have wraps and gloves, they are available for purchase at the gym. There will be a few spare pairs of gloves floating around on the day, but it is essential that you invest in a pair of half decent bag gloves with a ‘detached thumb’ that fit well. We will worry about sparring gloves later down the track.

8 week fighters’ programme starting Monday 7th January 2013 as follows;
Mon – Fri 5.00pm & 6.30pm.
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 6.30am.
Tue & Thur 9.30am.
Sat 8.00am & 9.30am.
Technical Mon-Fri 6.00pm, Sat 11.00am, Sun 1.30pm.

At present it is proposed that the participants attend 2 boxing sessions per week along with 30 minutes of ‘technical’ tuition.

We estimate that after 4 weeks, we’ll increase the ‘technical’ to 1&½ hours per week, in preparation for the fight night.


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