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St Patrick's Festival WCB with Lacey's Gym in Kingsley.

Well up for this in the new year to get that Rig back in shape!! Anyone interested in this life and body-changing experience please let us know and the team will talk you through each step!


Fight night Insight – St Pats Committee


Hi All,


I have been asked by members to do a miniature blog to give potential fighters a feel for the journey, the preparation, and the night which might answer some of the many questions you have.


Signing Up:

This is the hardest part. Taking the plunge and committing to the night is what a lot of folks struggle with but once you’re in and mentally you say ok, I’m doing this and that’s that, you will feel a lot better. Like going swimming in the sea in June, it’s a bitch at the start but its real good once you get going. The fight is a small part timewise although the climax of the experience. Its 6 minutes to showcase 8 weeks work. No matter the result, it’s what you get from the buildup that really benefits you.  My own goals were that I wanted to know my mental and physical capability and wanted to be able to defend myself if I ever needed to but what I got from the journey was much more. Getting the money together can be done through Go fund me or just get mates and work sponsors to chip in. St Pats will help out with people who are struggling and help with finding sponsorship.


The Training

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the training is hard, it’s 3 to 4 nights a week minimum if you can make it and you will struggle at times and want to chuck it all in. However, you are not alone, you will have encouragement from mates, staff, friends, and if you are struggling with headspace you will not be the only one, trainers will help you the whole way through. THIS IS NOT JUST FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE FIT AND HAVE FIGHTING EXPERIENCE. Any weight, any capability can do this. Your almost better off to come in with a clean slate as Laceys will guide you from the very start with super basic combos, footwork, and fitness and build you up. Sparing will start slow and nobody goes into the ring and expected to be able to fight off the bat. You will only spar with people at your own level.


The fight night

In the run-up to fig night I probably over trained a little and tweaked my shoulder, a lesson from that would be, go full throttle until a week out and ease off and let your body recover and build using your diet and do lighter training sessions so you will “pop” on the night. Listen to your trainer’s instructions in the build-up as they will give you awesome advice on how to fight smart. Lots of people just go nuts on the night and drop all their energy in the first round, I did this a little, big mistake.



This physical transformation is huge if you train well. You will find your body changes slowly at the beginning then a lot. I found that after doing the fight I was able to control my weight much easier in the following 12 months. Not sure why I just did. The most rewarding thing was going through the mental journey and coming out the other end. I found that it benefited my work, my relationship, my discipline, and made me mentally stronger. I become much more comfortable in my own skin and headspace. There is a huge element of comradery even though you fight on your own, and the buzz of stepping into a ring with your friends and family cheering you on is something everyone should experience once in a lifetime.


Look forward to walking with all fighters in the parade and going the distance with all of you come March 28th.


Any questions let me know.



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